our value chain


“ Create the reality you want to live. Start with your thoughts, words and actions. Your actions, define you.”

Our value chain is an ongoing creation of the concept, is in constant development, adapting and being build on the experience we have been accumulating by observing and researching the market, sharing experiences with, as understanding the possibilities and barriers of our suppliers and analisys of the trends in the artisan industry around the world.

Our value chain is based on the sum of actions that we put into practice every day, to achieve our goal of a sustainabily fair handicraft trade, for the sustainable development of those who produce and those who use .

Our value chain allows us to select, support and potentialize the most authentic handicrafts from our talented artisans and, if necessary, clusters are created within the value chain of those artisans able to collaborate to use their altogether skills, in synergy.   All of our products are selected to: satisfy the demand, contribute to the sustainability of the artisanal communities, their productive improvement, and to respect and promote the Costa Rican identity.